Ombudsman hosts delegation from Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice

The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, Nigel Newcomen CBE, yesterday hosted a delegation from the Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice, headed by First Deputy Minister Natalia Sevostianova. The meeting was part of a fact-finding visit, sponsored by the Council of Europe, as the Ukrainian Government considers criminal justice reform.

The Ombudsman discussed the value of a mechanism for independent complaints investigation in prisons, as well as the importance of the thematic research produced by his office. Ms Sevostianova and her aides responded with questions about the state of prisons in England and Wales. While quick to accept the challenges evident in today’s prisons, the Ombudsman and his colleagues used case studies from his investigations to demonstrate the impact his office can have on prison policy both at a local and national level.

Nigel Newcomen: “The visit was intended to focus on best practice in independent investigations and inspection in prison, so that the Ukrainians can establish similar models. This is one of a number of groups of international visitors that have been to see us in 2015, and is a positive reflection of our credibility and standing.”

Download the Ombudsman’s presentation slides here.

PPO Ukraine Minister for Justice
The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, Nigel Newcomen CBE, meets Natalia Sevostianova, First Deputy Minister of Justice of the Ukraine.