HMPPS Insights22 Festival

“Staff from HMPPS were able to talk to our investigators about some of the challenges faced by operational staff and why it can sometimes be difficult to make the changes we recommend.”   The Ministry of Justice organises an annual… Read More

Working with National Prison Radio and Inside Time

“Raising awareness of the PPO’s investigative services is imperative to ensure those who can complain to us know how to.”   Increasingly over the last few years, the PPO has forged closer working relationships with National Prison Radio (NPR), a… Read More

HMPPS Awareness Project for new prison staff

“We wondered how we could reach more staff and this encouraged us to go back to basics.”   My name is Lisa, and I am an Assistant Ombudsman in the Fatal Incident Investigations team. I oversee fatal incident investigations and… Read More

Why do women complain less than men?

This article previously featured in Women in Prison’s spring/summer 22 magazine. The Prisons & Probation Ombudsman (PPO) are trying to understand why women in prison file less complaints than men. Assistant Ombudsman Mike talks about what they are doing to… Read More

Complaints handling in prisons

“Focus group responses showed there was a considerable lack of trust in the whole complaints process.”   The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman (PPO) has set out to examine how prisoners experienced the complaints system (both the internal HMPPS and PPO… Read More

Substance testing in Approved Premises

  The PPO’s Learning Lessons Bulletin, Approved Premises – Substance Misuse published in November 2017, highlighted the risks posed by psychoactive substances (PS) in Approved Premises (APs). The PPO has previously recommended that APs develop mechanisms to test for PS… Read More

Fatal Incident investigation reports

As well as investigating complaints from those in custody, the PPO carries out independent investigations into the deaths of prisoners or detained individuals in: Prisons Young Offenders Institutions and Secure Training Centres Secure Children’s Homes Immigration Removal Centres Probation Approved… Read More