Ombudsman Adrian Usher launches new Vision and Values

The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman (PPO) has launched new vision and values today, driven by Ombudsman Adrian Usher’s goal to create meaningful change both for PPO staff and stakeholders.

Adrian said: “The PPO’s vision and values should be reflective of what we do and what we aspire do to.”

“I wanted to be in post for some time before I made these changes to ensure the new vision and values will help us achieve our goals and be transparent at the same time. The new vision and values reflect where we at the PPO think our focus should be.”

What to expect from the new vision and values:

Moving forward, the straight-forward vision will allow us to deliver high quality, timely independent investigations.

We will work closely with our partners – this does not compromise our independence but allows us to have more meaningful relationships with them.

We will also achieve actual change that makes custody and community supervision safer, and we will improve the confidence of those stakeholders mentioned.

“It was important we included the people we are doing this for in our vision. HMPPS, Home Office, family members, friends, prisoners and other stakeholders will have more confidence in the PPO’s ability to ensure safety in the criminal justice system”.

Key changes:

We will make insightful learning our core business, presenting learning that is evidence-based that will show how prisons and community supervision can be safer.

We will also become a data-led organisation, enabling us to have better-formed investigations. Data is evidence and we will convert this into meaningful learning for the services in our remit.

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