Update on fatal incident report summary tiles

From 30 May 2023, the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman will now include the name of the deceased (if over 18) on our fatal incident report summary tiles for reports published after this date. We will also include the date the coroner’s inquest concluded.

This additional information was a request from Ombudsman Adrian Usher, who said:

“It was important these changes were made to the website as soon as possible, as I believe it is vital that we are transparent in our investigations. I further believe that neither I, nor my investigators, should ever forget that at the heart of every investigation is a person and giving their name prominence on our website acknowledges that fact. Adding their name to the summary tile will also help friends and family locate reports more easily.

Including the date the coroner’s inquest concluded allows us to be more transparent on why our reports are sometimes published a long time after someone has died. We publish our final report after the inquest has concluded, so we will be able to highlight this clearly from today.”