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What you can complain about

Before complaining to the PPO or IPCI, you must have gone through the full internal process or we will be unable to investigate your complaint. This usually requires complaining directly to the prison, IRC, secure training centre or Probation Service.

If your complaint is not resolved or you are not happy with the way your complaint is dealt with, then you can submit your complaint to us. 

We can investigate complaints about:

  • how you’ve been treated
  • decisions made about your care, supervision and general treatment 
  • actions that may or may not have been taken by staff

This could include (but is not limited to) things such as:

  • lost, stolen or damaged property
  • conditions in the establishment
  • the regime
  • unfair removal from job or loss of pay
  • inaccurate record keeping
  • bullying, intimidation or harassment by staff
  • improper use of force
  • transfers

We cannot investigate complaints about:

  • the professional opinion of doctors and other medical staff
  • decisions made by a government minister
  • cases currently being (or have previously been) dealt with in civil courts or criminal courts
  • conviction, sentence, immigration status, reasons for being held in immigration detention or how long someone has been detained for
  • decisions or advice given by judges, the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, and the Parole Board and its administrative staff